2015 Oct CPH (Dome of Visions)

Oct 16 - 18, 2015

@Dome of Visions
1016, Søren Kierkegaards Pl., in Copenhagen.

Utopia School will hold a three-day slumber party for interested people – near and far – at the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen, beginning on Friday, October 16th and adjourning on Sunday, October 18th.

Those who wish to contribute either by leading a class and/or joining as a live-in participant, please get in touch with us by Sept 1st, 2015. If you’re late, contact us anyway, we want to hear from you! Some of the sessions at the school will be available to join remotely. Please check the evolving online schedule to participate.

Participation info


Here is a map of nearby things! https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zTsqMle8hTIk.kqzdeFvFiSeI&usp=sharing

Please help us schedule

We are still working on the exact schedule. We’ve been emailing and Facebooking and talking with most of you about your availability. But to help us plan more easily, please add your availability in this Doodle poll (please sign-in first, so that you can edit it later as needed): http://doodle.com/poll/e7wvfpfv6ini4fuu

Please make sure to read the notes at the top of the poll (and click the accordion on the poll to see all the times). Thank you!

In-person participants: Things You May Need

Here is a list of things. Later we’ll send a map of useful places:

  • Bedding: Something to sleep on and a pillow, and/or cover up with (it will be chilly). note this is not normally a sleeping space, we are repurposing it for our weekend slumber party.

  • Toiletries: Anything you need: toothbrush, etc. Note there is no shower, we might get stinky. There is a bath house about a 20 minutes walk at Christiania. We can all go there together!

  • Food: Something to grill, potluck-style (there is a BBQ grill at the Dome). If you will be hungry, bring snacks.

  • Drinks: Note there is a bar at the Dome, if you find yourself wanting to buy a drink. Please don’t over indulge.

  • Tech: We have a projector, sound equipment, various A/V cables, electricity, and wifi (though we may ask people to reduce high-bandwidth use during livestream events). There is no DJ equipment.

Remote participants

Some of the sessions at the school will be available to join remotely. Please check the evolving online schedule to see which classes are available for remote participation. Please see this page with some info about how to get set up for this:


Utopia School includes people with diverse backgrounds, identities, and ideas. Anything is possible with the exception of behavior that compromises the safety of others. We will not tolerate discrimination, or oppressive, suppressive, or violent behavior.

Thank you all, and looking forward!

Utopia School

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