Aug 1 - 31, 2016

@Christiania in Fabrikken, Upstairs From Byens Lys


The Utopia School is a temporary free school and social center for sharing information about both failed and successful utopian projects while working towards new ones. We define Utopia as those spaces and initiatives which re-imagine the world in some crucial way. 

10 - 12 people from around the world are gathering to live together and run the school as a free space for all. We are open Wednesday – Sunday with workshops, tea/coffee, food share, and a regular People's Kitchen. Come drop in to say hello and teach/learn in one of our classes!

The School will be located in Fabrikken, upstairs from the Byens Lys cinema in Christiania. If you have trouble finding it, see if you can ask a local Christiania resident to point you in the right direction :) If you get really really lost, give us a call on the Utopia School phone and we will come get you!

It is NOT TOO LATE to add classes! You can add a class right here on this page, or email us to get in touch.

The calendar is designed to grow, so check back for the most up to date information!

Phone: +45 71 62 73 66
Facebook: Utopia School
Twitter: @utopiaschool