Atelier Populaire and the Basics of Screenprinting

Session(s):  January 2018, NYC
Friday, January 26, 2018 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm


I'm interested in teaching a screenprinting workshop in Flux's printshop.

One part of the workshop would be a brief introduction to the Atelier Populaire (a group of students known for making anti-consumerist posters during the strikes in France, May of 1968)

The Atelier Populaire used screenprinted posters as a method to create direct images/messages to distribute cheaply and easily. It was important to the group that the messages were both visually effective and economical, both in the time spent making them and the resources used to create them. They were not to be sold or used as decoration.

The second part of the workshop would be the basics of screenprinting. I will show a method that doesn't involve photo-emulsion or specialized equipment, so people can more easily do the process at home, if it interests them. We can work with an image that can be printed on t-shirts (from goodwill or donated) participants can take with them. Taking the idea of the political poster but making it wearable, carrying the message with you throughout the day.

Resources:  Atelier Populaire

Class involvement

Cayla Lockwood's picture Cayla LockwoodProposed, Facilitating
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Good to see these beautiful pictures of atelier populaire and the basics of screenprinting in which students are involved to learn it. Reading review give me lots of useful posts like this which is very important to read.